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Custom tailored services for each individual’s needs. 

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Since we opened our doors in 1986, we’ve been driven by one goal:

Rocky Mountain Eye Care’s experts will provide the safest, most effective, vision correction technologies and treatments available to our patients and their treasured eyes and vision health. We will make every effort possible to deliver clear, expert, warm, personal and professional patient care.


And, after these many years of service, everything we do continues to be focused on this most important goal.


The most common type of refractive eye surgery done today. LASIK corrects myopia (near-sightedness) hyperopia (far-sightedness) and astigmatism to improve vision without glasses or contact lenses.

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Development of the visual system occurs early in life. The greatest part of development occurs during the first year. Due to so much taking place at such a young age – it’s critical that detection of any vision problems be made as soon as possible so permanent problems can be avoided.

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The eye is like a camera and uses a lens to focus. The natural or “crystalline” lens of the eye is located behind the iris. To function properly it needs to be clear and free of opacity. When the lens is not clear we call this a cataract. The most common cause is that of aging. Cataracts may also be genetic and occur in families.

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The cornea is the front window of the eye. It is the clear tissue that covers the iris (the colored tissue), pupil and lens. When the cornea becomes clouded or misshapen from disease, injury, or infection, it can be replaced with a human donor cornea transplant.

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Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States. It encompasses a group of conditions that can result in optic nerve damage. This damage causes loss of site, even complete blindness.

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Eye Exams

Your eyes say so much. That’s why we believe today’s eye exams* should be thorough and comfortable thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies and specialized tools available. Learn more about the instruments that capture every stunning detail and make an accurate diagnosis of your vision and eye health possible.

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From Our Patients

Patience with a little boy . . .

About Us
Dr. Charlton, You likely do not remember me, as I was one of your patients back in the 1980s. I sustained a knife injury to my left eye at 22 months of age, and you treated me shortly after my family moved to Utah from Iowa. I recall frequent visits to your office as a child, and if I am not mistaken, you operated on my eye performing a cornea transplant when I was four years old. I wanted to let you know that I have had numerous ophthalmologist and optometrist complement the doctor for the work you did nearly 36 years ago. The comments I hear are how expertly the suturing was done with very little scarring, and how clear the cornea has remained with no clouding or other potential issues common with early transplants. Of additional note - they are all impressed that the surgery took place in the early 80s. I wanted to commend you on such a wonderful job and express my gratitude for your studies and expertise to provide the level of care you rendered to me. That all said, I wanted to take a moment to reach out and say thank you for making a difference in the life of a small child now grown into adulthood - all of the effort with wearing patches and hard contacts and everything else to strengthen my eyes and to prevent having a significantly lazy eye has paid off. Today, were it not for my non-circular pupil or the fact that I am highly light sensitive due to the damage to my iris from the knife wound most people do not notice. Again, thank you for your patience with a little boy. Your efforts and expertise have had a significant and positive impact on my life. Thank you
- C. Dabb

Careful Attentive Care.

About Us
Dear Dr. Charlton; Thank you for your careful attentive care to your exam of my eyes. It is reassuring to witness the care you give to each phase of my exam. I always feel better to have your warrant that “all is well’ for another year. Thank You.
- F. Jones

Alignment Correction Surgery

As a child, I had nystagmus, astigmatism, and strabismus. I had corrective surgery at an early age. In my late 40s, I noticed that my alignment had changed significantly and I experienced nystagmus and strabismus again which was accompanies by headaches coinciding with heavy use. After having a very confounding experience at the University of Utah, I met with Dr. Petersen who was outstanding. He provided a clear diagnosis and treatment options, and outlined the potential range of outcomes and the risks involved. I elected to have a repeat of the corrective alignment surgery that I had had as a child, only benefitting from decades of improving technology and practice. Surgery was an out-patient procedure. Roughly a week of recovery as my eyes and muscles healed. The results were outstanding. When your physician is as excited as you are with the results, you know your procedure went well. Thanks so much to Dr. Petersen and his staff for their excellent counsel and care.
- Kevin Barry

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